Beginner watercolor landscape tutorial

Beginner watercolor landscape tutorial

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Beginner watercolor landscape tutorial with step-by-step photos

In this landscape painting tutorial, I will show you how I painted this painting, using acrylic paints, a palette knife, and some interesting brushes.

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The painting I'm going to show you is a beginning portrait of a character. But before you start, I just want to quickly mention that this is a free painting. If you enjoy my tutorials, it is always much appreciated if you can show your support by following my art and subscribing to my YouTube channel. This allows me to continue creating art for you. I am always happy when you ask me to create something for you. Here is my website:

I hope you enjoy my painting tutorial and that it inspires you to create art of your own.

I'm working on the next version of this tutorial, where you will learn how to paint hair! For now, I'm just going to focus on how I painted the background. Stay tuned!

How to paint a watercolor landscape

In this tutorial, I will show you how I painted the first few steps of this painting, using acrylic paints, and a palette knife. I used the same basic steps to paint the painting that I have used in all my other paintings:

Step 1: Prepare the palette

Prepare a palette for each color that you will use for this painting.

I prepare my palette in layers so that I can make my changes to it more easily. Each layer should be separated with a dry painting medium. I use a palette knife to cut out the painting medium, because it is difficult to cut it with scissors. I use the palette knife to place the knife to the edge of the painting medium in the palette. Then I can cut around the edge and place the new painting medium at the edge of the original layer.

Step 2: Apply the first color

After the palette is prepped, apply the first layer of color. When you are using a palette knife, you must let the palette knife dry completely before using it on another layer of color.

A palette knife comes with different tips, and most of the tips are for painting different brushes. In this painting, I used a tip that I bought in a hardware store for making stained glass. To paint this brush, I applied all the acrylic paint that I needed and pressed the tip of the brush on the palette. I painted the background and then moved to the next layer of color. This step took quite a

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