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Gorse, sow, plant, maintain

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Gorse, a shrub of gold and thorns ...

Gorse, a bush found in the moors and throughout western France, is a brilliantly flowering shrub that heralds spring. In gardens, it is mainly used as a hedge shrub, because of its "fiery" thorns. Gorse is moderately hardy between -10 and -15 ° C.

Botanical name:

• Ulex Europaus

Plant info:

• Cycle: Perennial
• Foliage: Persistent
• Hardiness: hardy plant (-10 to -15 ° C)
• Family: Fabaceae, fabaceae
• Harbor : Bushy
• Exhibition: Sun
• Ground : Dry, acidic and sandy or stony soil.
• Sowing: April
• Plantation: September October
• Flowering: March to July
• Fructification:
• Rooting: Roots
• Cultivation area: Everywhere (see hardiness maps: France or Quebec)
• Geographic origin : Western Europe.
• Honey plant: Yes
• Edible plant: No
• Poisonous Plant: No.


• Easy to grow.

What advantages in the garden:

• Very rapid growth.
• Early flowering
• Ability to grow in poor, stony or sandy soils.
• Very pleasant fragrance of flowers.

What exposure for Ulex Europaus?

• Gorse loves the sun.

What soil?

• Ordinary, well-drained, rather light soil.

Method of multiplication?


When to sow?

• In spring, in the month from April.

How to do gorse seedlings?

• Soak the seeds for 48 hours only for spring sowing
• Loosen the soil so that the soil is fine, the soil poor, sandy.
• Add sand if necessary.
• Sow in row, 2 cm deep.
• Recap with a mixture of sand and potting soil.
• Water in fine rain.
• Keep the soil cool until emergence.

When to plant gorse?

Preferably in the fall.

How to plant gorse?

• Amend the soil with sand and heather soil.
• Proceed with great care because the root ball must not be damaged.
• Damaged, it would prevent the shrub from taking over your land ...

Culture in pots?

Gorse thorns will deter more than one patio owner from growing them in pots….

Interview :

• Watering in case of severe drought.

Flowering of Ulex europeus:

• During the months of March to July.


• There are many varieties, over twenty.
• Among them are varieties with single flowers and double flowers.
• there is also a variety without thorns as well as dwarf varieties.

The type variety is the most widely cultivated.

What to plant with gorse?

• Genets ...

Use :

ATa garden: In hedge, in rockery for dwarf species.
• Without garden
: without interest.

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Gorse is an early flowering shrub, very floriferous and easy to grow, it is generally used as a hedge shrub because of its formidable thorns ... Find out how to grow it with Our website.


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