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Question: petunias

Hello everyone, I'm Mariella, I have already had exhaustive answers on other things Today I would like to know what I have to do with my petunias, which after a beautiful flowering start to dry out some branches and produce only yellow and dry leaves. Thanks, Mariella

Answer: petunias

Dear Mariella, welcome back to the questions and answers section of our website. It gives us great satisfaction to see that our readers return satisfied to ask questions on our site.

Its petunias are starting to dry out on the branches and are shedding many leaves probably for two reasons: excessive heat or lack of water. If watering has not been watered for a long period, the plant has probably entered into water stress and now this phenomenon is affecting the branches and leaves causing them to wilt. Another possible cause of the problem could be excessive heat given by abnormal temperatures or excessively sunny exposure for our petunias.

Even if when intense drying phenomena begin it is often already too late to intervene, there is some remedy or some intervention that we can do to restore vigor to the plant. A light pruning that involves the removal of the branches associated with a regular watering could give new vigor to your petunia plants if the situation is not already extremely compromised.

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