Everything about Garden has its own balcony!

Everything about Garden has its own balcony!

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At Allt om Trädgård's editorial office, we have started growing on our 30 (!) Meter long balcony. Already in February, we sowed chili, tomato, basil, leeks and peppers and more, which are now growing so fast in the editorial office.

Sandra prepares the planting in the cultivation bench from Hasselfors.

Last Friday we made an effort and cleared out old rubbish, while we put our new furniture in place. It is a nice white growing cabinet in glass and growing boxes on legs from Hasselfors, which we scouted at several different fairs and longed for.

Since we would like to be able to grow vegetables, it is good with boxes like these that have a greater depth than ordinary balcony boxes (34 cm). We drilled holes in the bottom so that the water could drain out and punched holes in the plastic bags that should be inside. It will cling to the trellis the flower of the day and sugar peas.

We have chosen to grow in soil from Emmaljunga because they got the highest score in our sowing soil test in no. 3/2011. We use two different varieties, for their vegetables Exclusive perennial soil with 30 percent cow manure compost, which contains a lot of potassium and has a fruit-promoting effect. For pots and urns we chose the soil Exclusive plant soil which contains nutrients for 5–6 months, finely divided leca and iron which hopefully make the plants retain their lovely green color.

The first tomato plants have now been moved to the balcony. Maybe it's a little early, so we hope that the heat continues and that they manage! Should it get colder, we have non-woven fabric to protect them with.

We want to encourage more people to grow vegetables on their balconies. Therefore, we have written a list of suggestions on what good things can be grown in a pot. Read the article here.

To be continued…

Cozy sitting corner at one short side on the long balcony (which runs along the entire editorial office, at the top of the roof of the house).

The furniture is designed by Hasse Johansson, once in a while All about Trädgårds and the publisher's own carpenter.

From sowing to seedlings and later harvest - here are parts of the origins of Allt om Trädgård's own cultivation.

Everything about Garden has its own balcony! - garden


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